My BOOTY needs your LOVE Brisbane… An Open Letter

An Open Letter



I’ve been performing my new show AUSTRALIAN BOOTY at The Brisbane Powerhouse for a week and I have one more week to go (5 more shows: Wed-Sat 8pm and a Sat matinee at 2pm.) Tickets are $28/$18. Click here to BUY TIX

I’m writing to you because I need your help.

Candy B | 2012 Brisbane Powerhouse | Photo by Sean Young

AUSTRALIAN BOOTY is a very political. very funny and very sexy work. Culturally/ historically Aussies don’t really celebrate funny, sexy political black women… in fact we kinda find them taboo and suspicious…. and we certainly don’t like them to have a platform or profile. Critics constantly ask the question, how come Candy B is not a superstar already? Peter Taggart asked this again in the Artshub review below. I think the answer to that question is that I am unfamiliar and folks don’t know what to expect.

I am the unknown…. I speak from the heart… that’s political and that’s confronting.

I made this show because I feel deeply about diversifying the idea of beauty and moving beyond the single-story dominating our Aussie identity. I made this show because I want to be heard. I made this show because I still do not exist.

If you want to see a cultural shift and believe people of colour have a place on the scene, I need you to help me push my show.

Money is not the only currency I need to continue to work as an Artist. I need numbers. I need an audience.

I know it’s cold, I know it looks like I’m doing good without your support- but my task is quite mammoth and I need you. So buy a ticket, buy another ticket and buy a ticket for your mum.

You know I will return the love- and I got plenty to give!

Busty Beatz | 2012 Brisbane Powerhouse | Photo by Sean Young



Critical Mass Review: “She works it like a boss.”

Artshub Review: “Fresh from a stint at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Candy B commands a crowd in a way I’ve rarely seen…” 4 STARS


Peril: “Accompanied by her equally talented sister Busty Beatz, the duo are a powerful force.

Herald Sun: “Candy B flows between conversational stand-up, musical numbers and cultural commentary without missing a step.”  4 STARS

Aussie Stage: “Candy B is drop-dead gorgeous, jaw-achingly funny and proves that we can and will remix attitudes.”



Candy B

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